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Webchat Updated

Today Tuesday at 12 AM GMT+2 our webchat has been updated to the latest version. Refreshing your browsers , clearing the cache will make you see the new version. This update has not disconnected any users. The complete changelog of the new webchat version is as follows:


myIRC is a chatroom hosting network. In simple english we are an organisation that provides free chatrooms for websites and projects that need a place to chat. Over the three years of running, we have improved, and keep improving the services we provide to our affiliate users and channel owners, providing them with a variety of nice looking , moderated and stable chatrooms to use for their website. Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure that our clients feel safe in our hands.

Add a chatroom to your website

★ Now you can have a free chatroom with a nice delicate design for your website! We offer many types of chat applications to use, and they can all be customised to fit your needs. All our services are free and we highlight our Webcam & Microphone chatroom hosting that is a unique feature of myIRC!

★ You can feel safe in our hands because our staff consists of skilled people with deep knowledge in the field that can assist the community whenever needed. Our network runs on the best hardware online with great protection , and our software is constantly upgraded to the latest stable versions available to maximize the client's comfort and protection.

★ Apart from the standard chatroom hosting, we provide a ton of other services to our affiliates , completely free! You can see the full list of those services here

★ Do you have questions? Join our contact us right away !


Are you just looking for a place to chat?

On our chat network you can find various interesting chat channels with various themes like games, radios, athletics, blogs and more, where you can get involved, meet their creators, share your opinions with other fans make new friends and even get inspired to make your own project! First of all, we encourage you to have FUN!

We recommend one of the following chatrooms for you:

  • For chatting:   #chat     
  • For RPG Game:  #multirpg

 (Are you a channel owner and want to see your channel in this list? Click here to find out how! )

Some basic commands to get you started are the following:

  • To see the list of all the channels available:  /list
  • To join a channel: /join #(channelname)
  • To register your nickname:  /ns register (password) (e-mail)


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